2 Types Of Laptop Batteries You Should Know About


Laptop batteries are one of their most significant components. A battery allows you to use the machine wherever you want without requiring a power source. There are numerous places where you can purchase your laptop battery. However, before you start looking for the best place to buy laptop batteries (meilleur endroit pour acheter des batteries d’ordinateurs portables) it would help to understand the various laptop battery types on the market.

Types of laptop batteries

The following are the primary types of laptop batteries:

1. Nickel Cadmium batteries

Known in short as NiCd, Nickel Cadmium batteries are the most common type of laptop battery on the market. These batteries can discharge about a thousand times before they become inactive. In simpler terms, these batteries boast over a thousand lifecycles. These figures are pretty impressive compared to other types of laptop batteries on the market.

Additionally, the batteries are easy and fast to charge. With these batteries, you do not have to worry about problems like pulsating currents. However, they do not do well with DC charges, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue with most users.

Another incredible feature of these batteries is that they can withstand various atmospheres. For instance, they can perform significantly at low temperatures. This is an advantage that other types of batteries on the market do not offer. It is also worth noting that Nickel Cadmium batteries come in different sizes. They are also quite economical.

However, these batteries also have some downsides. One of the shortcomings is that the chemicals compounds used in these batteries have lower energy densities than other types. Additionally, their high self-discharge rates tend to affect their quality, especially when stored for long. Also, owing to the memory effect, the batteries’ charging abilities tend to reduce over time.

2. Nickel Metal Hydride

These batteries are suitable for half discharging. Compared to the former, they have more power capabilities. This means that a Nickel Metal Hydride battery size features more power than the same size of Nickel Cadmium battery. Additionally, they are also better than the former because they are eco-friendly. Their eco-friendliness also makes them easy to recycle. However, they have a lower life compared to other types of laptop batteries. These batteries do not have storage issues.

Additionally, they can easily be transported across varying temperature zones. Regardless of their nickel components, they do not suffer from the memory effect. This is the primary reason why they boast of superiority in the laptop battery market.

The primary concern with these laptop batteries is their service life. They can only accommodate three hundred cycles. This depends on the type of maintenance. They also require more charge time than their counterparts. During their charging process, they tend to generate more heat. This means that your laptop will become too hot for you to touch or use on your lap as it charges. This is a significant concern for users.


The two types of laptop batteries listed above have their advantages and shortcomings. This means that there isn’t one that is more superior to the other. Therefore, when choosing between the two, the wise thing to do would be to choose one whose benefits outweigh the shortcoming, depending on your needs.

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