How To Earn FIFA 21 Coins As A Beginner?


As a newbie, getting FIFA coins can be very frustrating. To raise your coin level from zero to a comfortable coin base requires a lot of hard work, patience, and sometimes money. No doubt, the struggle to get the best players on your squad as a newbie can make you lose interest. The good news is, there are some steps you can take to earn FIFA coins easily. With these steps, you can trade from 0-100,000 coins in a short time (even as a newbie), but you have to learn how to buy FIFA coins.

Steps to earning FIFA coins as a beginner

  1. Engage in squad building challenges: Since you can earn coins by completing in-game tasks, one of the easiest ways of achieving this is to engage in squad building challenges. As the name implies, the squad building challenge is simply a task that involves building and exercising your squad. In this regard, you buy and sell players to specific teams and earn coins easily. Also, under the squad building challenge, there is an option called ‘marquee challenge.’ Here, you build a squad from the players involved in crucial games of the week. To excel at the marquee challenge, you must keep yourself updated on the real-world games to build a strong knowledge.
  2. Play squad battles: Winning squad battles earns you as much point as you wish. Squad battles involve an AI-picked team or a team of high-profile players hand-picked by FIFA. These teams feature players that are in top-form to compete with you. To win more points on squad battles, you have to play and win matches on a higher difficulty level. The higher your rank after a week-long struggle, the more likely your coins are to grow.
  3. Play Draft Mode: Draft mode slightly allows you off the hook, giving you a chance to earn a staggering number of coins. With draft mode, you can pick top-rated players of your choice to fill positions in your squad. How would you enjoy a team that has Messi and Ronaldo upfront? Or Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne, and Eriksen in your midfield? Once you have selected your team, you play a four-step match to earn enough points. Furthermore, the Draft mode also allows you to play against randomly-selected teams and the best available players in the game.
  4. Play FUT friendlies more often: The fun aspect of playing FUT friendlies is the unconventional rules. There are four exciting modes under the FUT friendlies that can earn you sufficient coins. These modes are as follows:
  • Max Chemistry mode: In this context, your team chemistry is at a 100% rate.
  • Swaps mode: Here, three players in your squad are picked randomly and exchanged with your opponent’s.
  • King of the hill: Here, there is an earmarked zone, wherein dribbling within it can earn you good points.
  • Headers and volleys: In this mode, goals are counted only from headers, volleys, penalties, and freekicks.

The perks that come with playing in this mode is that you stand a chance of earning more points on FIFA 21 as you achieve higher ranks.


Newbies, earning coins on FIFA is not as tricky as you’ve been told. However, sticking to the rules is vital to your survival. Learn how to buy FIFA coins and strengthen your game.

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