Money-Saving Tips When Buying a Laptop


Buying a new laptop can be quite expensive. However, you do not have to get into debt trying to get a laptop that suits your needs. You can learn more at These are some of the tips to help you save money when buying a laptop.

Get Features You Only Need

It is surprising how most people end up paying for features they do not require. You should note that laptops come packed with a lot of features such as multiple SD card slots, backlit keyboards, SSD storage, and high-end graphics that are great to have. However, before buying a laptop, you should think about whether you need such features.

For instance, video and photo editing benefit a lot from a powerful graphics card. Complicated calculations and programs require more CPU power and RAM. If you want to travel a lot, you should get a larger battery. On the other hand, if you have a large hard drive, then you can skip such things and still save money.

For basics, you should get an affordable laptop. It does not have to be packed with a lot of features, but are affordable and handle all tasks you need.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Since you will need to spend a lot of money on new laptops, even a small discount can help you save some money. Therefore, you should keep an eye at different stores that offer discounts. Also, there are certain times of the year when buying a laptop is cheaper. Keep checking when new models are being released. For instance, when a manufacturer announces new models, prices for the last generation models reduce considerably.

Shop Around

There are times it makes sense to purchase directly from the manufacturer. That is the case when you want to purchase a new laptop. In most cases, there is no much difference in prices at the manufacturer and authorized dealer. There are many online stores that sell laptops at competitive prices. If you are ready to bid, then you should check auction websites.

With adequate research, you can save money. Doing the process online can be quite overwhelming as you need to check forums, read reviews, and check ads. Before buying a laptop, ensure you understand the warranty policy. However, do not fall for extended warranties as unexpected problems show up within a few months.

Bundle Up

When buying a laptop, you may not leave the store with a single item. For instance, you may end up buying a printer, mouse, software licenses, keyboard, and external hard drive. Therefore, you should look out for deals where you get free items or discounts on certain accessories when you purchase a laptop. In this way, you can save some money. You can even negotiate with a dealer when you buy several items from the store.

Use Free Software

The truth is that software can add up the cost of the laptop. You may end up paying a lot of money purchasing the software. Before paying for it, check whether you can get a free or open-source alternative. With good research, you can find lots of software applications that are free.

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